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Her counterpart in the Pokémon Adventures manga is Sapphire who, unlike her other counterparts, takes up Gym challenges and is an all-around tomboy thanks to a traumatic incident with Ruby where a Salamence attacked them when they were children. She does have a feminine side however, as is shown in later volumes.

Side Smash: Elbow Final Smash: Lovesick circle (exactly the same as Luigi's Negative Zone, except that she gets everyone lovesick and lightheaded when fighters get in the pink circle)

Tip: Though rotating your camera can cause you to lose your onscreen view of a Pokemon, sidestepping while holding the phone steady allows you to safely re-frame the Pokemon for a nice Snapshot.

The members of the Pokémon League have differing roles depending on where they appear; in the video games, they are the one-time "boss" opponents the player has to overcome to progress through the game, in the anime, they are usually one-time challengers Ash has to face to become the Pokémon League Champion, and in the manga, they are alternately enemies or allies to the protagonists, depending on their individual motivations.





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