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This is an interesting article showing CEOs with gay sons.  Typically, CEOs are prone to not really accept homosexuality, and the ones mentioned in this article were no different.  What led to their change of hearts and ways of thinking was the fact that their sons were gay.  These CEOs would have never thought about LGBT issues in the workplace, but they have become activists, championing change for to benefit the LGBT community in the workplace.  Having homosexuality so close can change the way one perceives it, and having gay sons have prompted these CEOs to try and better things for the LGBT community.

Gay and lesbian workers may face another type of discrimination that is even more subtle, one that heterosexuals often don't understand: pressure to stay in the closet. "In some workplaces it is widely understood that if you wish to keep your job, you must keep who you are and who your family is completely secret," Coles says. Even when not directed at a specific employee, jokes, casual remarks, and numerous other signals can send an unmistakable message that gays and lesbians are unwelcome.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 — the primary federal antidiscrimination law — makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, national origin or religion but does not specifically address sexual orientation or gender identity.

If after exploring your state's laws, local laws, and company policies, you still find yourself without avail, the employer's treatment may violate other employment rights, for which you could sue your employer or your coworkers. The following is a list of some employment law and labor law theories:





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