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22-8-2015  · Articles on ancient history Greek Homosexuality ... Greek homosexuality restricted to pederasty between a dominant adult and a shy boy...

Of course, Boswell's theories had many critics at the time his book was published. One of his most well-known detractors may have been cultural critic Camille Paglia, who penned a caustic takedown of Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe for The Washington Post in 1994.

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Among the last African cultures to be subjugated by Europeans, the Hausa peoples of northern Nigeria and the surrounding countries offer interesting examples of homosexuality among Islmaicized peoples of Africa. Conquered by the British only in 1904, they were studied extensively by British ethnographers within a decade and a half of the arrival of the British – having experienced very limited contact with Europeans in the meantime. These ethnographers included sexual practices, including homosexuality, in their survey. Thus, they give us a unique glimpse into a nearly pristine African Islamic culture.





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