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17-8-2010  · Ingevoegde video  · Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Before Reach falls, the Spartans of Noble Team must rise in the face of …

Six was a guy that would go in, and get the job done. He was like Master Chief in so many ways, but with great uniqueness. As he witnessed the death of fellow spartans. Jorge, Kat, Emile, and Carter and he also died when protecting Commander Keyes so he could escape. (Jun went with Hasley and his fate is unknown) However, everyone knows that Six is one of the greatest Spartans to ever be in the UNSC . Once Keyes got back to UNSC home base, Cortana picked Master Chief out of every other Spartan that was there to carry her. They are one of the greatest teams since Noble Team.

His favorite role was in ''Yankee Doodle Dandy'' (1942), a patriotic wartime tribute to George M. Cohan, the showman, actor and songwriter. The performance won Mr. Cagney an Academy Award. Four years earlier, the New York Film Critics Circle voted him best actor for his portrayal of an eventually repentant killer in ''Angels With Dirty Faces.''

IGN saw in the Master Chief elements of Jon 6725416, a character in Christopher Rowley 's novel Starhammer . [43] Other reviewers have suggested that the name John-117 could be a Biblical reference. [12] [43] Michael Nitsche of the Georgia Institute of Technology found similarity to Gordon Freeman , the protagonist of Valve Corporation 's Half-Life series of FPS video games: "[Both characters] are the independent, individualistic, and often lonely heroes that gain admiration by constantly proving their superiority ... in technology-driven, hostile, often closed spaces". [44]

The director of the Windham-Campbell Prizes at Yale University made the call of a lifetime to eight unsuspecting writers, and informed them that they will be recognized with a $165,000 individual prize to support their writing.

In Spartan Ops, she has been consistently portrayed as revealing her loyalty to neither humans nor the extremist Covenant faction. Any and all of her dialogue could be a lie or a misdirection, reflecting her own motivations - the desire to save humanity, but also a cold curiosity.





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