Las Vegas tunnel people: How 1,000 people live under.

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A city of abundant means, Las Vegas celebrates opulence and waste from the tourist-oriented service industries abounds (from trashed food to furniture objects). As such, it is in some ways an easy place to live homeless – or in a relatively comfortable, cool and semi-safe underground squat. Between begging and swiping forgotten winnings left behind by drunks, there is also cold cash and hard credit to be had. Some denizens cobble together impressive collections of objects and elaborately decorate their dwelling spaces.

The home includes lavish wallpaper, a 360-degree mural, a putting green, lighted display cases and a large kitchen with built-in sound and a toaster built into the wall, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal .

To complete your Tinseltown shopping experience, couple The MGM Underground with the hotel’s other shopping promenade, the Studio Walk , where you’ll find a small selection of apparel and accessory shops.





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