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tickling the frenulum masturbation

quote.... Tickling the frenulum masturbation .... unquote

The good news is – for those who don’t have a vibrator handy – you don’t need a toy to bring yourself off this way. Not only is OrgasmicGuy’s technique pretty informative, there are over 50 comments on the post from other guys who have tried this (and can attest to its success rate), and are offering their own pointers and encouragement.

You are such a lucky man. I'm a victim of Male Genital *****. Without my consent mt penis was mutlated. I will never, ever know the sensations and pleasure you experience in your video because someone made the choice for me to permenently alter my body. Thank you for being so couragious in showing the world that the foreskin is a beautiful and important part of a man's body.   I hope with all of my heart, that the unethical doctor who amputated my healthy foreskin from my healthy and perfect body is suffering in the deepest and darkest pit hell. Keep up your good work.

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