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keep porn off my computer

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If your child has a smartphone, blocking access to sites is even trickier. I tried a number of parental control apps for Android, and none was able to do an adequate job. In every case the app could easily be defeated by anyone with a basic knowledge of the Android operating system.

Step 4: Disable YouTube. Yes, I know your child enjoys watching fun and harmless videos on YouTube but as this article illustrates , kids on YouTube are usually about 3 clicks away from explicit content. Turn it off. You cannot delete the YouTube app but you can disable it in settings. To do so, from settings go to “General”, then “Restrictions”. Choose “Enable Restriction” and set up a restriction passcode if you haven’t yet – one that your children won’t guess. Scroll down to YouTube and switch it off.

I mean, the power switches are kind of a pain to replace, if you can even get the parts. My recommendation (in fact, the recommendation that my assistant ran into when he was looking at this question) is to get yourself one of those switched power strips. When you turn your computer off at night, after everything has been turned off, hit the switch on the power strip, too.

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As long as you don't open the attachment itself, you're considered safe. Therefore, opt for an e-mail program that has a preview pane, which allows you to read the e-mail without actually opening it. If it looks suspicious, delete it from your inbox and permanently delete it from your "Deleted Messages" folder. You don't want any viruses lingering.

Air flow and cooling is optimal if your case is fully closed! Just make sure you remove all dust from inside the case, including the fans, and also place cables and your case so that none of the vents are blocked from the inside or outside.





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