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At , there are a lot of young women who specifically want to meet older men, in their 40s and 50s and even older! These young, hot girls are looking for attractive experienced guys to meet every you're a man who achieved some success in life and who loves to treat your woman like a Queen, then might be just the place for you! For centuries the maturity and experience of older men has assisted young women in experiencing a more affluent lifestyle, while allowing a gentleman to enjoy or even recapture a bit of his youth.

While there are always unusual exceptions to every rule, this approach does not work. It fails for a very simple reason: The VYW most likely to have sex with you are the Type 2s, which are women who like much older men and don’t like younger men their own age. Being an older man, but acting like a younger man (or worse, lying about your age) doesn’t make any sense. You are destroying the very thing these Type 2s crave.

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Why all the fuss about age differences?  Women in general talk too much about eveything and analyze way too much – Just think it over for a bit and if the 2 of you like each other, go for it as long as it's not hurting the children if you have young ones etc .  I'm 74 and my lover is 47  – we have been seeing each other for 3 years.





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