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porn leads to violence

quote.... Porn leads to violence .... unquote

To make matters worse, when porn shows the victims of violence accepting or enjoying being hurt, the person watching is learning that people want and like to be treated that way, giving viewers added permission to act that way themselves. [11]

Laws banning revenge pornography have been slow to emerge. [37] Contributing factors include a lack of understanding about the gravity of the problem, free speech concerns, [38] belief that existing law provides adequate protection, [38] a lack of care, historically, for women's issues, and "misunderstandings of First Amendment doctrine" (Citron & Franks). [37] [39] The American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have drawn attention to the implications for free speech if legislation is too broad. [40] [41] [42] [43]

16-4-2014  · Generally, the objectification and exploitation of human beings in the media bothers us. At least to some degree, we are bothered when media simplify ...

A 1984 Canadian study found similarly. A review by McKay and Dolff for the Department of Justice of Canada reported "There is no systematic research evidence available which suggests a causal relationship between pornography and the morality of Canadian society . . [and none] which suggests that increases in specific forms of deviant behavior, reflected in crime trend statistics (., rape) are causally related to pornography (McKay & Dolff, 1985)." The Canadian Fraser Committee, in 1985, after a review of the topic, concluded the evidence so poorly organized that no consistent body of evidence could be found to condemn pornography (Canada, 1985).





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